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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the spin stops right here, because we're definitely looking ]6(.yyr you. >> economic armageddon has been appointed, but the economy remains in tatters. how does the president react? he throws himself a lavish birthday bash? more fallout from the controversial debt deal. americans are not happy and neither is wall street. congressman connie mack is here with his plan to fix washington and the debt. the tea party gains momentum following the debt deal in d.c. the movement be a force to reckon with in 2012? plus sarah palin rips the president -- >> that is typical of our
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president, blah, blah, blah. >> even takes a swipe at gop frontrunner mitt romney. >> i do not have respect for what he's done through this debt increase debate. >> we are on the road to 2012 and "hannity" starts right here, right right now. >> sean: president obama is giving him a not so well-deserved pat on the back that the hour in the form of a lavish birthday, in light of the u.s. passing 14.3 trillion in debt, the dow crumbling, millions out of works, and the country flirting with a double-dip recession, perhaps the president could find a better way to spend his time, however yet he turns his back on the american people and the american economy, instead attending a star-studded birthday fundraiser, headlined by jennifer hudson, held in a $40,000 a night ballroom, charging more than $35,000 per person for admission. by the way, you can pay an extra
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10 grand to get yourself a photo with the president. i think by now this president is more interested in his celebrity status than solving the problems we face as a nation. if you're not convinced, consider this. tonight marks the 37th time the president has held a fundraiser since launching his re-election campaign. and, by the way, at around the same time in his presidency, george w. bush attended only three. all right. let's say you're not still convinced. let's head to the golf course. president obama certainly has, playing a grand total of 75 rounds of golf since taking office. by comparison, george w. bush in his entire eight years as president played golf only 24 times. so that doesn't include basketball. that doesn't include the other concerts. thatoesn't include the vacation trips. so how can anyone still defend president obama's record? it's beyond me. joining us with analysis tonight, a columnist for the scripps howard news svice, found he were and president of the center for urban renewal and education, star parker is back, and the author of the new hit
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book "muzzled: the assault on honest debate," juan williams is also back. juan, we're now at 100% debt gdp with the new numbers. we've had horrie economic news. the president did all these fundraising trips until three weeks out of this crisis, even though we knew it was going to happen in january. do you see a little disconnect here? >> i'm just amazed at you onight. i don't get this at all. look the president has taken -- this president has taken less vacation time than president obama. >> sean: not true. >> you go on about the golf course. what does golf have to do with this? the man is 50 years old. that's a milestone's in anyone's life, sean, and you're denying him to have a birthday party. >> sean: i'm younger than the president. i'll be 50 years old this december. >> happyirthday. >> sean: you can say that to the president. let me tell you something, juan,
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i've told every one of my friends, my wife, i want nothing on my birthday. here's the point. star, look, the country is suffering. he's been out playing golf, he's been out basketball, he's been at concerts, been on vacations. he takes the big parties, all the guests. i'm thinking, he's out of touch. >> i don't know that he's out of touch as much as it's just hypocrisy. i have to constantly tell my liberal family and friends, the rich -- the distaken that they have for the wealthy and those that ride on private jets is because they're poor and don't know anyone, never been on a private jet. >> sean: wait, wait. you raise are a good point. if you got to pay all told $45,000 for the dinner, the birthday publish, and a picture, you got to wonder. >> most of this distaken is really rooted in envy, and the president very cleverly plays this. he's grown over time very comfortable being, a, wealthy
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himself, but his lust to be with wealthy people, you know, while at one point he wants to attack them or get them to pay their fair share, so i suppose during the past couple of weeks he couldn't get that through force, he'll get it on the other end, because surely we will see a lot of wealth in that room at the birthday celebration. >> sean: juan, this is the first time i've found you or your fellow cohorts on the left not wanting to bring up george bush. bush only played golf 24 times in eight years. >> this is distortion, sean. you're talking about golf. >> sean: basketball, broadway shows, concerts. >> president bush was down at the ranch much more. this is only the tenth time or something that president obama has gone back home. he's not even staying overnight in chicago. >> you know what, that's not even relevant. >> at a very small ballroom in a iverse neighborhood in chicago. he's not having this at
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ritz-carlton. >> sean: $40,000 a night to rent that ballroom! >> it's not relevant if he went into his own pocket all the time. the problem is, juan, where people are upset about this type of lavish behavior, he's constantly wanting to make wealthy people what he calls a fair share, and he's constantly attacking them. he plays class warfare. that's the dilemma. now he's hanging around with wealthy. he loves wealth. and certainly we know that this is timely for his re-election. >> star, hang on, hang on. let me ask you this. what is hypocritical about saying people should pay their fair if you're cutting social security, medicare? >> sean: we're not cutting anything. >> these are the same people who stand in the way of having discussions about fair tax, flat tax, and other ideas that come to the table so people pay their
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fair share, including what the tea party was discussing, is thathen you have aost half the country that does not pay any income tax at all, and then to say that others are not paying enough when they account for more than what 60% is coming in, and they're asking for a readjustment, look at our budgets, and perhaps stop wasting away this tax revenue, this president sits on class warfare. >> no, it isn't. >> yes, it is. he talks about the poor, the sick and the elderly. >> please, just a moment. you got to realiz that right now the tax rate in this country is right now at a 60-year low. a 60-year low. >> sean: juan, you don't live in new york. >> if you're talk being spending, government spending hasn't been this low since eisenhower. 1% of america, the fabulous rich, owns about 50% of the country.
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why you say they shouldn't pay their fair shire owe. >fair share. >> poor people are not poor because rich people are rich. if we're going to have discussions about how we gain revenue in our national coffers, how we spend that money, then we should have honest discussion. that's not what this president is doing. what this president does -- >> i think he is. this is a fundraiser for campaign purposes, and these people aren't being forced to attend. they are delighted to be with the president on his 50th birthday. >> wait a minute. i want to make one more point, juan. you can't say that when the ones that will have the best marginal benefit to change the current system of these entitlements are the very poor that he keeps pretending this government entitlement program is working for. if we're going to have honest dialog about what's broken in this country so we can fix it, then we need to have an honest discussion. number one, the latinos, the very youngest, this will crash on their pay. number two, the african
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americans, government controls all healthcare in their communities, and it' not working. let's talk about the challenges of medicare, medicaid, and social security in an honest way. >> excuse me. he was the one who wanted to talk about this and have a grand bargain. speaker boehner wanted to talk bit. it was people on the far right who said no, shut it down, because we want to protect the very, very rich. sean, you were one of those people. >> sean: wait, wait, wait. hang on a second. i've let you get away with this, juan. juan, half the country didn't pay taxes. one-half. >> that's true. >> sean: 10% pay 70%. right now, if you live in new york, state, local, county, federal taxes, you are paying nearly -- and sales tax -- you are paying nearly 60% of your income in taxes, and you want to take a bat to my head and tell me to pay more. >> sean, you know that's not true. and you're my friend.
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>> sean: i'm telling you the truth. >> in terms of wealth, sean, the people who own this country, who earn all the money, 1%, they 50% of all the income, and you want to make a big deal out of the president's birthday. you know what you should be make a big deal out of, the republicans are gone out of town. this. >> sean: i don't blame them. wishes on vacation, our wallets are safe. >> the politicians are gone. >> sean: yeah, thank god. >> they should come back and do the business of getting the faa back to work rather than have a blame game and complaining about president obama you will. >> you get rid of davis bacon and they will. >> sean: this will go on forever. will the tea party be able to capitalize on its big moment before it's gone? plus, you just thought the debate was over, but in reality it's just begun. florida congressman conni connik
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>> sean: the economic and political fallout from the debt ceiling fiasco is likely over. the deal did nothing to address our deficit and issues of the left, it left wide open a possible downgrade in our credit rating, something that moody's is still threatening. now the focus shifts to the so-called super committee, which will recommend how to cut another $1.5 trillion from the
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deficit supposedly by thanksgiving. sounds like a pending round two of the great debt debate. joining me in studio, florida congressman, the one and only connie mack. i've been talking a lot about you lately. >> thank you. >> sean: even got donald trump to endorse your deal today. he's been warmest he's, like, that makes perfect sense to me. >> before we introduced the bill, as we went through the bill-writing process, everybody checked out the numbers. this is a plan that's simple, as you know. it works. and it solves our problems. >> sean: did you have it cbo-scored? >> no. not till it comes to the floor. >> sean: in the course of this, paul ryan will vote this out of committee, the idea we'll have a vote on the baseline, and speaker boehner told louie
6:16 pm
golmer he would support it. your mack penny plan is? >> really simple. for six years, we cut 1% of spending for six years. >> sean: wait. we freeze the 2011 levels? >> that's right. >> sean: $3.6 trillion? >> we freeze it at that level. take 1% for six years. >> sean: one pen out of every dollar? >> one penny out of every dollar. this isn't a big lift, and washington can do it. then we cap spending to 18% of gdp in the seventh year. in the eighth year, the budget is balanced, and after 10 years we cut $7.5 trillion. all of this talk about the cuts, the supposed cuts that happened in this last bill that passed, those aren't cuts. those are fantasy cuts, reductions in the rate of growth. everyone knows if you continue to spend $1.6 trillion more than you bring in, you have to borrow that money, it adds to the debt.
6:17 pm
we can't continue to do that. >> sean: your fellow floridian marco rubio spelled it out best giving his argument. he said we take in $180 billion a month, right? >> uh-huh. >> sean: we spent $120 billion more. we spend $300 billion. only take in 180. we borrow $120 billion. or 40 cents of every dollar they spend we borrow. how could you not become greece, become bankrupt? >> can you imagine if an individual 20 a bank and tried to get a credit card? >> sean: good luck. >> sean: the debt to income ratio is so out of whack, they would laugh you out of the bank. >> sean: i'm supporting this plan because i think it makes the most sense. i really believe the house republicans would want to do this. obviously a nonstarter in the senate. the president wants to increases taxes and discretionary spending, 84%. how is the momentum growing?
6:18 pm
marco union ro rubio signed on e lee, rand paul. >> that's in the senate. we have 57 people who have signed on to the bill in the house. it's growing. people coming to me every day. look, sean, you know what's amazing about this, it's gone from, you know, an idea that we've kind mile high up with some grassroots organizations, came up with this. now it's growing. so it's not just conservatives. it's moderate republicans, independents. it's democrats. there are democrats who look at it and say, this makes sense, you know. >> sean: is there any democrat that's signed on to it yet or too afraid? >> not yet. i think we'll get there. a lot of them were waiting until that have debt ceiling, because from the other side, they said, look, we're not doing anything on debt ceiling, unless we raise taxes. >> sean: what's frustrating, we keep telling the country we're going to save $2 trillion. we just saved $2 trillion. but really in this 10-year period we're going to give the president $900 billion. in two years, we're going only
6:19 pm
to save $67 billion, or cut $67 billion, but still increasing spending every year. this is what people don't understand. the baseline is we -- we are assuming that spending growth goes up 8% a year every year for eight years. >> yeah. it's amazing, isn't it? what's really sad about this, is if we -- if we tried to make the cuts that we ahead toed, that were needed, everybody in congress would say, no, no, no, those are drastic cuts. but those are things -- this is increases. nobody thinks we should be increasing spending right now. we're broke! >> sean: but all of these issues get demagogued, all of them. >> yeah. >> sean: what you put in place, is congress can decide how they want to cut. they can cut this program 15%, this program 10%, even increase spending in another program, but if they don't do it it's across-the-board bottom line. >> that's right. >> sean: you got to live within your means. >> that's the trigger in all this, is if you do not -- if the congress fails to act and make the requisite 1%, then it's
6:20 pm
across the board. >> sean: can you do this without modifying and adjusting social security and medicare or do you really have to deal with that? >> we would have to make reforms to social security and medicare, medicaid. but if we don't do that, you know, no matter what program -- if we want to balance the budget, you have to take on the entitlements. >> sean: where can people read about the mack penny plan? >> my official website at they can go to my campaign website, we'll continue to push this. >> sean: your district is my adopted district in southwest florida. >> proud to have you there, sean. >> sean: not everybody. most people. congressman, good to see you. >> thank you. good to see you. >> sean: coming up, the tea party flexed its muscle during the debt debate, but could 2012 prove to be the group's big political moment? we'll examine that. plus, she took a swipe, and
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>> sean: perhaps no group is being vilified in the debt debate more than the tea party, called hostage takers and terrorists by members of the
6:25 pm
democratic party, which just months ago was demanding civility in political rhetoric and discourse, but despite the democrats' name-calling this may be the tea party's big political break. the group showed its influence over washington's discourse by forcing republicans to include a balanced budget amendment in the debt legislation. the big question now is, the tea party be able to exert the same power in the upcoming presidential election and become a viable political alternative in the long run? joining me with reaction from the fox business network sandra smith is back. she's been out. mad at us or something? >> i'm back, i'm back. >> sean: and former mccain advisor and author of "the sext thriller," nicole wallace is here. >> it's not really a sex thriller. >> sean: you keep saying that. it's about the first female president whose husband has an affair -- >> affair with a reporter.
6:26 pm
>> sean: that's a sex thriller. this is like liberals, liberals don't want to be called liberals. we have plenty of liberals on the program -- >> if i had written a sex thriller, i'd be proud of it. >> sean: it's about the first dude having an affair. >> the first dude is a philanderer. she has clarity of vision like margaret thatcher. >> sean: should have married her. let's talk about the name-calling. oh, we have one other. joe biden to gabby giffords. woman got shot in the head. it was a great moment when she showed up the other day. the crack head club? this is how we refer to gabby giffords? >> it's unfortunate he would characterize her in that way when she makes a great comeback,
6:27 pm
looks strong, and everybody is glad to see her. >> use some tact. >> i bet his wife and boss wish they had a seven-second delay button for joe biden. >> sean: they tried it on another network. it didn't work out well. don't believe when i have a 35-second delay in radio. so i think in the end here the big loser in all this is president obama. in this sense, first of all, he's indecisive, he's not a leader. all the attention of the country, whether you like the deal or don't like the deal, was focused on the fact that this president spent beyond any -- far beyond what any other president in history has spent. i think is now a huge liability for him. >> yeah. that's why the tea party's gained so much traction. you know, everybody wants the united states to get their fiscal situation in[fqk order,r fiscal house in order, period. >> sean: right. >> we've seen both parties unable to put their differences aside and come together with a solution to do so. that's what's making so much room for the tea party to come in here.
6:28 pm
nobody's offering a solution. i don't know, sean, i don't know that this only rests on president obama's shoulders. i mean, two parties weren't able to -- >> sean: the debt in 2007, president bush, was $173 billion. this year, under obama, $1..6 trillion, like five times. under president bush, worst year, it was $400 billion. >> one big difference was president bush was wholly focused and deeply committed to his agenda, dealing with the deficit. president obama has advocated only policies that have seemed to contract our growth. i'll say this about the tea party, their power is derived from the fact that independent voters in this country are the most emotionally aligned with republicans and the tea party on this issue of the size and the cost of the federal government. >> sean: see, this is interesting, because you are not as big a social conservative as i am. you know, i don't write sex
6:29 pm
thrillers. [laughter] sorry, i can't hip. >> i know you can't. >> sean: right? >> that's correct. >> sean: but look at these numbers. we'll get friday job numbers. you follow the business closely. consumer pending plunges, you know, to record lows. gold, $16.50 an ounce. the dow eight days in a row down. they're talking about more tax increases. you know, you look at all of these issues. obama promises now to focus on jobs. i'm, like, where have you been for three years? >> three years in? >> then hosting the birthday party in chicago. >> sean: how many private jets are there? >> the concern is, voters will be emotional. so when you ask about what's going to happen with the upcoming election, where we stand today, could be very different, sean, in a couple months. it's going to depend on the economic indicators at that moment -- >> sean: larry summers says it's doubtful that we'll get out of this economic mess through the end of 2012. >> but the white house came out
6:30 pm
today and said there's no double-dip recession in sight. hard to say when there's no job creation -- >> sean: we were just downgraded, last quarter growth, .04%. >> another lesson of the debate that just transpired, there are no arbitersf truth in washington anymore. i think the public wasn't disregarding the seriousness of defaulting on the nation's debt. they just weren't sure they believed anything that anyone in washington said anymore. >> sean: you see, look, i have people on both sides hating my guts in this debate, because i kept pointing out a fundamental truth, that if you don't deal -- we dealt with this earlier in the program with connie mack -- if you don't deal with this built-in 8% growth every year in government, we'll never -- >> they're fake cuts. >> sean: that's a perfect word. >> it's like pig latin. only in washington is a lesser increase in spending, you know, called a cut. >> sean: you're so good. >> working for any president, you have to defend a lesser increase against all the
6:31 pm
interest groups in washington that jump up and down and put off the alarms that you've made a cut. >> sean: did you read her sex thriller? >> di. i got -- i did. i got through the first half of it. >> sean: i gave you the ending. >> i totally i cheated reading the cheating book. >> sean: i cheated by going to the end. i can't tell you how many times i do that. mr. wallace, i apologize. i'm humbly sorry. it was all done in promotion of your daughter's fantastic book. >> he hasn't even read it. >> sean: he better not. coming up, last night on the show, governor sarah palin had some harsh words for the anointed one. even took a swipe at mitt romney. what did she says that has everybody fired up? when we come back, michelle malcolm is here with reaction. that's next. ♪ let me entertain you
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>> sean: last night former alaskan governor sarah palin w on the show giving us her take on the debteiling compromise and had strong words for president obama and those who agree to this deal. >> what they've just done to this country, sean, is hand the most liberal president that we'll probably ever see, certainly in our lifetime, an opportunity to spend even more money, to -- that we don't have, to create more debt, thinking that's going to get us out of debt. no, we're still not dealing with the root cause of our problems in this weakened economy, and that is the overspend of our big federal overcentralized government. >> sean: palin also had harsh words for one gop presidential candidate in particular. >> bless his heart, i have respect for mitt romney, but i do not have respect for what he's done through this debt increase debt debate. he waited until it was a done deal, that we would increase the debt ceiling, and more money would be spent, more money borrowed and spent on bigger government. he came out and made a
6:37 pm
statement, that, oh, he didn't like the deal after all. >> sean: joining me with reaction to last night's interview, the author of the best-selling book "culture of corruption," michelle malkin is back. welcome back. >> thanks for having me back. >> sean: the best line sarah palin had last night, when i talked about tea partiers called terrorists, she said -- i have the tape. roll it. >> let's call them out on their hypocrisy. enough is enough. i'm not going to roll over with a placard on my forehead that says, hit me, baby, one more time, call me a terrorist, a racist. it's unfair. it's hypocritical of the other side doing that. enough is enough. i'm going to stand up for those fiscally conservative patriotic independent americans who want the best for this country. >> sean: she said, if we were domestic terrorists, they'd want to pal around with us. he didn't have a problem with bill ayers.
6:38 pm
>> it's everything i love about sarah palin, she calls it straight, never backs down. this has en'namorred so many to her. they also have a long memory. you know, there are a lot of johnny-come-latelys and opportunists who have glommed on to the tea party name, then throw them under the bus when it's convenient too them to do so, then embrace them again when it's convenient to do so. and sarah palin has never been one of those kind of republicans in washington. you know, her history with the tea party revolt goes back to the new york 23 race. she was one of the first. she didn't need polls or pollsters or strategists to tell her that there was something going on, something afoot, a revolt, not just against the obama administration, liberals spending us do the ground, but
6:39 pm
big government republicans in conservative clothing, they needed to be called out, too,. >> sean: it was interesting to me, i thought jeffrey lord of "the american spectator" had a good piece. he called it the tipping point. i don't know if you like gladwell. those that have been called terrorists, every other name in the book, even by "the weekly standard," the "wall street journal," it was interesting to me, he was saying this is the beginning of the conservative ascendsy, starting in 2010, taking it back to 1938, taft, etc., reagan revolution. he says this is only going to get better. do you agree with that? >> i hope he's right. i hope this is the tipping point.
6:40 pm
we've had so many breaking points, the grassroots conservative movement, independents who are sick of the big government spending with both parties. and i think -- i hope they are with people like you and me and sarah palin in seeing through what a charade and theatre this entire debt ceiling mockery was. i mean, are we supposed to cheer and pop the champagne corks because $7 trillion in new debt is locked in over the next four years? we've got this very dubious, possibly unconstitutional super committee now that's stacked with people who want to do something about entitlement spending. and then of course today, it's the day after that debt ceiling deal was signed, and what is the spender in chief doing? i mean, he's out money grubbing for the next campaign. and then setting in motion the next wave of big government
6:41 pm
spending, infrastructure spending, failed stimulus programs, all the same old same old, that we've seen over the last several years. >> sean: what do you think the impact is on the 2012 race? i got the feeling last night -- i'm having a hard time reading governor palin. i don't think she's being coy. i really believe her when she says she's not decided. >> yeah. >> sean: there's a certain passion that i see in her that tells me that i think it's a very strong likelihood she may get in. >> i have no idea. i've said from the start, that this is a woman who's going to make up her mind on her own time. she's not one of those people. she mentioned to mitt romney yesterday, he'll put her wet finger in the wind and go with whatever the winds say. i mean, she's got her own factors she's got to deal with. she mentioned legal and practical reasons. that's family reasons, what have you. but, you know, the fact is that everything she says and does, whether it's on your show, on
6:42 pm
the airwaves, online, wherever, is newsworthy, because of the backing she has in this country from people who are sick of washington. >> sean: i agree with you. one facebook posting by governor palin goes a long way. >> yeah. >> sean: i think historically and traditionally, i think we'd expect candidates to stay out of a debate they're not involved in. these are different times. i think what people are looking for are these candidates -- maybe this is what she was saying last night -- to step out and lead, take strong positions and not worry about what the political consequences are. i think the country right now would hunger for that, would respond to that. i think that's what she was saying last night. >> yeah, that's right. you can't conduct -- well, mitt romney will try to prove everyone wrong. i believe in this information age, political age, can't conduct a stealth, carefully orchestrated campaign the way you used to anymore.
6:43 pm
and look, i mean, if you just go on twitter anytime of the day, mitt romney's habit of issuing statements about the important policy debates of the day, hours after these things have been decided, days, weeks, months, has become a running punchline. this is going to be a continuing chronic problem for him as we go on. >> sean: michelle malkin, thanks for being with us. >> you bet. >> sean: our great american panel is next. [ male announcer ] summer is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c300 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends august 31st.
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we take it on ours. this summer put your family in an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz w for an exceptional price during the summer event. but hurry, this offer ends august 31st. >> sean: tonight on our great american panel, he's a fox news legal analyst, peter johnson. an online producer and opinion writer at "the washington times," carrie picket is back. an award-winning comedian, appearing august 6th -- >> when you do this -- >> sean: can't you do it with some enthusiasm like johnny carson used to?
6:48 pm
say this is a guy you want to see. you got a look on your face, you might as well want to pave your driveway. it would be more fun. >> sean: thank on do it like this. is that better? >> hang on a second. yes. >> sean: does that help? >> yes. that's great. >> sean: he'll be in collinsville, connecticut. by the way, he works with jon stewart -- come on. every time with the jon stewart. >> sean: you're embarrassed, i understand. >> come see me this saturday. helicopter in with my chopper. >> sean: i don't have a chopper. i'll be in florida. i can't make it. >> yes, okay. >> sean: this is insanity of government. peter johnson jr., let's start with you. a little girl sees a woodpecker about to be eaten by a cat. true story in virginia. 11-year-old girl. >> go ahead. >> sean: she saves the woodpecker. they have it in a cage. they go into a lowe's and a fish and wildlife person stops them.
6:49 pm
>> sure. >> sean: it's an endangered experience bird. you know, two weeks later, they're knocking on her door. >> no. >> sean: they wanted to fine her. >> really? >> sean: i swear. i don't make this up. >> that's big usa government today, you know. >> sean: saved the bird from dying. >> i'm shocked. woodpeckers are delicious. >> sean: have you tried one? a fried woodpecker? have you tried baby seal? >> they make a nice fur coat. >> it's about regulation, about the new paradigm of government in the united states. so if it involves a little girl, that just happens to involve a little girl. >> sean: whatever happened to common-sense? >> out the window, done. >> this goes back to the lemonade stands shut down by cops. oh, my goodness, you have a lemonade stand. go after the little girl. >> she's overcharging for lemonade. she's charging a buck for
6:50 pm
lemonade. >> sean: she should have let the cat eat the woodpecker? >> the woodpecker flew away because she saved an endangered species. >> maybe she would get a ticket with interfering with natural selection. maybe that's the next step. >> you know, you're messing with the environment. don't touch the environment. don't do that. >> sean: another example. in pennsylvania, they're giving cellphones to people with 250 minutes that can't afford cellphones. is that a new civil right? >> no, but if someone is an emergency, they don't have access to a phone, there are hardly pay phones anymore. what do you want people to do? >> it's a new civil right, because we're mandating at the same time that insurance companies must give birth control, must -- >> sean: that was my next point. the government now must give
6:51 pm
birth control to those that want it. >> there's a lot of people there you don't want reproducing, seriously. >> sean: besides you, who else? >> a lot of people with bad judgment. the people you were talking about the woodpecker. >> sean: wait a minute. what happened to a individual sense of responsibility? you get had in a car, making out, pull off one article of clothe after another, why do i which to pay for your birth control? >> because some people can't afford it. >> there are people out there, who don't believe, as far as birth control is concerned, that they should be paying for it through taxpayer money. frankly, if that's the case, why should they be paying for it? >> the burden is incalculable. we're setting a new standard. why don't we give away niacin, give away all kinds of medicine.
6:52 pm
>> where's the compassion in our country? >> come on. >> sean: you guys donate your money. >> i don't have any money. i'm a liberal, right. >> sean: more of the great american panel. he's appearing, by the way, hang on a second -- we'll continue. >> come on, seriously. ting aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. all right, so we're talking in a break here. peter, you'll be my character witness. >> oh, god. >> sean: no. you want the government to provide cellphones. we provide housing for people. we already provide free healthcare. >> right. >> sean: okay, obama care. medicare, medicaid, social security. should we give people a cadillac next? i mean, is there any limit to the amount of money we should spend, half the country doesn't pay income taxes? >> what year is the cadillac? >> sean: would you like a brand-new one? >> does have it an eight-track in it? look, the gap between the have and have notes has never been wider of americans in this country. >> sean: 50% of americans don't pay a single cent in income tax. >> sean: i get that. you have to look to the people that don't have what we all have and say -- >> they're not paying federal income tax at the same time. >> because they don't have any
6:57 pm
jobs. >> sean: thanks to obama. >> inherited from bush. >> the people providing the jobs can't afford to hire them because the people who want to give the jobs can't afford them at this point because they're being taxed to kingdom come. >> this is wrong, when you say the gap is so large between the have and have notes, it's never been as big. it's not the job of government to redistribute. redistribution is not the role of government. >> sean: you're a democrat. >> i'm a democrat. >> what is the role of government for people like that? >> to help those who can't help themselves. the role of government is not to be a giveaway. the role of government is -- >> what's your definition of a giveaway? >> the role of government is not to bankrupt the people earning in this country for the people who don't want to earn. >> who you going to bankrupt? you're going to bankrupt the wealthiest 1% to -- >> the role of government is not to bankrupt the united states so you're in a position were you
6:58 pm
can't help the people who really do need help. >> you're talking about people who barely -- >> you believe in redistribution, and you believe government's role is to take from people in order to give to other people. that's not the role. >> sean: wait a second. you want birth control, the car. kidding, all right. but we provide housing. we provide medical care. we provide this, provide that. you know what, the country spends $120 billion a month more than it takes in. >> yeah. >> sean: what do you want, you want to take more money from -- the average person spends half their income, or 40% of their income, state, localing, federal, on taxes. >> . >taxes. >> why do 100% t we want to rede taxes for the wealthiest? >> you want to hit them up for more. >> there was a good opinion piece in the "new york times" today. it talks about the reason a number of people are moving away from the democratic party. while a number of democrats
6:59 pm
certainly believe in the government, those same democrats are wondering why they're responsible, who actually do pay their federal income taxes, are punished by the government for being responsible. the liberals are winning, how are we going to win 2012 if the democrats are moving away from their own base. >> i don't know what the republicans are worried about in 2012. we already have a republican who's wishy-washy. his name is obama. you hammered him. you hammered him on this debt ceiling. >> i thought i would never hear that in 2008. >> you're out of your mind. >> sean: this is what you don't understand. you think we cut spending. in the next 10 years, which we supposedly save $2 trillion -- >> the -- >> hang on a second. our debt will go up in 10 years, $8 trillion. did you know that? >> yeah. the way to help more people in this country for a longer time us to spend less, make this country stronger, and return to our greatest strengths. this cannot be a giveaway country, because in the end -- in the end we won't hav


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